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  • Plant false flash drive in dorms
  • Plant SV-98 in dorms
  • Plant roler watch in dorms
  • DO NOT kill a scav/boss
– Special Requirements and notes:
– False flash drive from the car trunk, roler submariner gold wrist watch and sv-98 blot-action sniper rifle AND DO NOT KILL SCAV OR SCAV BOSS and survive and extract

Required for Kappa container – YES
Unlocks: Setup



• Don’t kill scavs or scav boss, I suggest do this nightime and maybe with a friend or more friends
• Get the flash drive from customs bridge and head to dorms to 3 story building on the 3rd floor and plant those into the trash bags(just in front of the stairs on the middle. For the duration of this quest you are only allowed to kill PMCs, not any Scavs (including bosses). With this in mind, it’s recommended that you bring a suppressed weapon to deal with PMCs so as not to attract Scavs and Zarya stun grenades to deal with Scavs. Doing this quest in the nighttime also helps, as Scavs have a harder time detecting you. Be sure to put the Roler submariner gold wristwatch in your secure container so you don’t lose it if you die. It also helps to bring a friend along to cover you while you plant the items as you will be exposed the entire time. Now that you’re all ready it’s time to head to the 3-story dorms and get up to the 3rd floor. In the middle of the 3rd floor, right across from the staircase is the trash pile where you need to plant the items. You do not need to plant all the items in the same raid and they can be planted in any order. Once all items are placed you have completed the quest, you do not need to survive after planting the items.

Note: Take some flash grenades with you so you can make the scavs clear the path

Note: Even after placing all the items killing any scavs during the raid will result in a failure. Do not kill any scavs until you have extracted from the raid and turned in the quest for completion.

Note: If you “fail” this quest, you must RESTART the quest by talking to Skier again. Dont end up in Dorms with an SV-98 and Roller with no prompt to stash them…

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