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Gunsmith – Part 1


  • Do this quest to unlock Introduction
– Special Requirements and notes:
– none

Required for Kappa container – YES
Unlocks: Gunsmith – Part 2, Gunsmith – Part 3, Farming – Part 1, Introduction


• Get MP-133 from Jaeger
– MP-133 custom plastic forestock with rails (Mechanic LL1 (Barter), Jaeger LL2)
– MP-133/153 plastic pistol grip (Jaeger LL1)
– NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module (Skier LL1)
– GK-02 12ga muzzle brake (Jaeger LL2)
– ME Cylinder 12ga muzzle adapter (Jaeger LL1)
– Zenit RK-6 tactical foregrip (Skier LL1)
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