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Gunsmith – Part 2


  • Modify an AKS-74U with the given specifications
– Special Requirements and notes:
– none

Required for Kappa container – YES
Unlocks: Gunsmith – Part 4, Signal – Part 1


• AKS-74U, You can craft the AK-74 5.45×39 6L31 60-round magazine at the Lavatory lv. 2 in the Hideout, and remove the muzzle brake.
– AKS-74U Zenit B-11 handguard (Mechanic LL1 (Barter), Skier LL1)
– KAC vertical foregrip (Peacekeeper LL1)
– AK-74 5.45×39 6L31 60-round magazine (Prapor LL2 (Barter) after completing Ice Cream Cones, and LL4)
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