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Land Lease – Part 1



  • Find 3 Motor controllers
  • Find 2 gryoscopes
  • Items spread throughout Woods/Shoreline
  • Survive and Extract!

– Special Requirements and notes:
– Health Resort west wing room 216 key (W 216 key), Health Resort east wing room 306 key or Health Resort east wing room 308 key (E 306 or E 308)

Required for Kappa container – YES
Unlocks: Lend-Lease – Part 2



• Go to shoreline and woods and pick up some items
• For shoreline go to West 216 room and loot the Gyroscope on your left as you enter the room (west 2nd floor) and go to East Wing 306 room (east 3rd floor)
• Go toward Road to customs extract and you need to find a crate on your way near the crashed plane

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