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Tarkov Flea Market Reputation

Reputation You can place:
From To
-+0 0.2 1
0.2 7 2
7 30 3
30 60 4
60 100 5
100 150 6
150 1000 8
1000 1000+ 10

How to make roubles in tarkov?

Loot all the items that you find and extract as many raids as you can. Avoid PVP and play only one map until you will learn that map inside-out

How to make skill Stress resistance level 5

Take an ETG stim and a Grizzly survival kit and go to any map that has a camping fire like (customs, reserve or shoreline) and just run or walk through the fire and don’t use painkillers and you will level up fast the remaining points until level 5 

How to get level 4 on sniper skill

Use a bolt action and try not to kill your contanct and try to land as many hits as you can

Are there empty raids or servers that i can select for that matter?

Empty raids can’t be achieved by selecting a server because all the players that selected auto in your region can join your raid. But if you play a map that is not that populated like labs at this moment you might have a chance to get into an empty raid.

Should i buy tarkov?

This is a decision that needs to be researched before you do. If you understand that game knowledge and map knowledge is more important than you aiming skills and this game have many bugs and some cheaters than you can buy it. If you don’t like to wait like 5-10 minutes to enter a raid just don’t buy this game. For those who understand all the above the game will be fantastic (not fun because it’s a hardcore  game)

What is the best way to learn PVP

The best way to learn PVP is to know that this game has an advantage of right hand peak, you can use desync to your advantage, use cover as much as you can so you can change mags and maybe heal and don’t forget about movement penalty(turning speed, moving speed, etc) depending on the gear you use. Try to play the same gear setup run after run, try to play only one map until you get better and finally you will learn the mechanics of the game and it will help you learn how to send guys to the lobby.

Does EOD worth the extra money?

If you play this game like 4 hours a day or more then you need the EOD for extra space in you stash

Doing quests helps?

Yes. You unlock important stuff that you can buy from traders and also is a good way to learn a map