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The Survivalist Path – Tough Guy


  • Eliminate 3 Scavs in a single raid without using any medicine

– Special Requirements and notes:
– Woods map

Required for Kappa container – YES
Unlocks: Courtesy Visit, The Hermit,
The survivalist Path – Eagle-Owl,
The Huntsman Path – Secured Perimeter


• Do not use any Medical items while in a raid while the quest is active
If you complete the objective to kill the three Scavs without healing the task will still fail if you heal before handing it in.
In addition, if you complete the objectives but do not click complete with Jaeger, then healing in a later Woods raid will cause failure of the quest.
Surviving the raid is not necessary for the quest to be completed.
Off-raid healing does affect this quest.
Drinkable alcohol is a painkiller that will not fail this quest.
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